Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Snuffle and other dating applications?
Snuffle is the social network for pets and their owners. The application focusses on enabling valuable interactions between pets and their owners in order to improve their wellbeing.

How much does it cost to use Snuffle?
It is free to download and use Snuffle and it will always be free. Snuffle does have a limited range of advertising opportunities to help keeping the application free to be accessible to everyone. 

What are Snuffle's Mood button's?
Snuffle's Mood buttons allow users easy interaction with other pet owners before even chatting. The user can press Snuffle, Play, Walk or Stay to break the ice. You find these buttons on the public profile of each Snuffle user. 

Can I use Snuffle in case I lost my pet?
Indeed, through the Snuffle Lost Pet feature, we activate all active users in your neighbourhood in case you lost a pet. Once you submit a Lost Pet, users around you receive an emergency message. We understand the first minutes after a pet is lost are crucial and we want to support in reuniting pets and their owners. 

Can I find pet services, stores and places that can help me to take care of my pet?
Through Snuffle's Places tab, you will find a map with all places pet owners marked as significant for pet owners. These places range from pet stores, parks to make walks, pet-friendly restaurants, drinking fountains and pet hotels. 

Is Snuffle safe to use?
We are doing everything in our ability to make Snuffle a safe place for all. This includes the report and blocking features to easily control which profiles show on your screen. Also, Snuffle tracks safety and screens any kind of doubtful behaviour to protect pet and user safety.

Is Snuffle accessible for children?
Please not that Snuffle is only available for a 12+ audience. Minors are obliged to be accompanied by a family member at all times. 

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